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Who we are

Media Direct Norge are the market leader for cinema advertising within Norway, with over 80 cinemas, including every Nordisk Film cinema in Oslo.

We are a subsidiary of Nordisk Film Kino, which is a company in Egmont.


What we offer

Media Direct Norge offers you the possibility to show your advertisements, before any movie in the cinemas that we distribute advertising for. We can create tailor made solutions to meet the needs of both local and national clients.

We also have our own production department, that can turn your concept idea into a piece of advertising that is fit for the big screen.



Advertisements in the cinema.

Cinema advertising captures the audience’s attention, and has a high recollection rate when compared with other media. Recent surveys conducted by Ipsos MMI and Meeting Point, shows that cinema is 3.6 times more effective than television in creating advertising recollection by OTS = 1.

In addition to remembering the advertisement, the audience thinks cinema advertisement is part of the cinema experience and say that it is both wanted and expected.

People in the cinema
A typical person in the cinema is characterized as sociable, active, innovative and affluent.

Target groups
Cinema distribution allows intensification of advertisement against a desired target, for example, man, woman, teenagers, adult or family. The advertisement then appears before movies, where it is anticipated that there will be a high percentage of this audience group.

Caroline KjeldsenKey Account Manager+47 901 83 186
Liv GunnarssonKey Account Manager+47 908 68 711


In Norway cinema advertisement
is wanted and expected


When you are sending us something we need an email with acces to the files. Remember to write down the name of the customer.

You can use file transfer services like WeTransferFileMail, Dropbox, Google Drive, osv. You can also give us acces to a FTP-server. 

When sending use our distribution-mail: . You can also use your contactperson, and she/he will send it to distibution.

Deadline for submission
We must receive advertisement three days before it is supposed to be on in the cinema. If we receive it after this date, we cannot guarantee that the advertisement will be displayed from the first day.

If you have any questions you can send them to: 

Technical Specifications

Sound and picture are of the highest quality in cinemas. The advertisement will be shown in 2K(1998x1080). Full HD (1920x1080) is also very good on screen. The sound should be dynamic, at the movies we do not want limited edition sound (hard limited), as is traditionally used in television advertisement. The sound of the advertisement for cinemas is in LEQ82 level. We check the sound and picture quality of everything that is submitted. If you are not sure if your advertisement is "good enough for a cinema" please don’t hesitate to ask us.


  • 2K
  • 24fps
  • Bitrate: High (min 10mbps)

We would prefer the advertisement delivered as TIFF / TARGA sequence with separated audio files. The sound should be mixed to a good dynamic 5.1 surround or stereo. We may also receive other formats like MOV, MP4, WMV or MPEG. Remember high bitrate. Minimum 10mbps

Download technical specifications below
Technical specifications (PDF)

Kjetil MileCTO+47 991 56 453
Vegard OlsenHead of Production+47 916 44 373